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"KazRosGas" is established for the purpose of efficient performance of terms of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation about cooperation in gas industry on November, 28th, 2001.

On June, 7th, 2002 the constituent documents on creation of "KazRosGas" joint venture have been signed in St. Petersburg during the bilateral meeting of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. On a parity basis “NC

On June, 10th, 2002 “KazRosGas" CJSC is registered as a legal body by Department of Justice in Almaty.

The basic functions of the company have been defined - carrying out of operations with the Kazakhstani natural gas, including marketing, processing, transportation, realization of gas and products of its processing in the internal and external markets. The basic aspect confirming equal conditions of the parties in the enterprise activity is a distribution of shares of its participants in the ratio 50 % to 50 %.

Expansion and deepening of interaction between Kazakhstan and Russia in power sphere, transition of relations of two countries to the level of mutually advantageous cooperation and partnership became preconditions to joint venture formation. The format of similar mutual relations provides affording of mutual access to the markets of gas and gas-transport systems of each other and a joint international markets entry.

The initiative about joint venture formation became possible due to direct arrangements of the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev and the President of Russia V. Putin, and also signing of the Kazakhstan-Russian intergovernmental cooperation agreement in gas sphere as of November, 28th, 2001. The partnership of Kazakhstan and Russia in gas sphere is based on the equitable and mutually advantageous beginnings.

"KazRosGas" has been created in the form of the closed joint-stock company. In the subsequent, with a view of performance of provision of the Republic of Kazakhstan Law “About joint-stock companies” from May, 13th, 2003 "KazRosGas» closed joint-stock company has been re-registered in Joint-Stock Company. By general meeting of participants dated May, 05th, 2006 the decision on change of the organizational form of the enterprise by reorganization in the limited liability partnership was accepted.

Activity of “KazRosGas" company is connected with recovery of the gas produced on Karachaganak oil-gas condensate field - one of the largest fields in the world with reserves of more than 1,2 billion tons of liquid hydrocarbons and 1,3 trillion cubic meters of gas. The field is being developed by a consortium "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.". The contract with «Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. » in 2002 on purchase of sour gas of the Karachaganak field for a term of 3 years became the first resource agreement of "KazRosGas" company.

Within 2005-2006 years "KazRosGas" with the assistance of companies "KazMunayGas", "Gazprom" and the Ministry of Energy and mineral resources of Kazakhstan, has been prepared a package of the intergovernmental documents which have provided the conclusion of the direct contract for processing of Karachaganak gas between "KazRosGas" and Orenburg Gas Processing Plant.

On July, 17th, 2006 the joint declaration of Presidents N. Nazarbaev and V. Putin on development of long-term cooperation in gas processing of the Karachaganak field (further the Declaration) has been accepted, and also the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of  Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation about cooperation in creation of an economic society on the basis of the Orenburg gas-processing plant dated October, 3rd, 2006 (further the Agreement) is concluded.

Being guided by the Declaration and the Agreement provisions from May, 31st 2007 "KazRosGas" company has concluded a 15 years-contract of purchase and sale of sour gas with "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.". The signed long-term contract became a qualitatively new stage of cooperation of "KazRosGas" joint venture regarding stability and reliability of deliveries. The contract has come into force since September, 1st, 2007.

On the 1st of October of the same year the first delivery of gas has been carried out.

"KazRosGas" sends all procured sour gas for processing to the Orenburg gas-processing plant. After that dry gas in a required volume is sent on home market of Kazakhstan, and the remaining portion is realized under export contracts. Starting in January, 2007 "KazRosGas" company carries out processing of Karachaganak gas for the first time, at the enterprises of «Gazprom dobycha Orenburg», under the direct contract, which has been signed on December, 12th, 2006 in Orenburg.

The basic documents specifying cooperation and development of gas branch of Kazakhstan and Russia:

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