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Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan made a speech with Address to the people of Kazakhstan “Strategy Kazakhstan-2050”: new political course of the established state”.

Kazakhstan’s Development Program until 2050 has been in development for two years.

About this Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan said while making a speech with Address to the people of Kazakhstan “Strategy Kazakhstan-2050”: new political course of the established state”.

“During two years we worked on this program, by connecting world and our reputed experts with participation of the Government members and all, and this is a result of hard work,” said N. Nazarbayev.

The Head of State noted that the year of 2050 this is not merely a symbolic date. “Why is exactly this year? This is a real timeline on which today is oriented world community. The United Nations has developed today the Global Forecast on “Future of civilizations” until 2050. Nowadays more and more number of countries are developing and adopting long term strategies even large transnational companies prepare its strategy development until 2050,” -  explained N. Nazarbayev.

15 years ago, we adopted the Development Strategy of Kazakhstan 2030. As we faced these challenges and others served as a beacon to guide our way forward and keep us focused on our way. There are all grounds to say that the strategy-2030 for a variety of areas we have done in advance.

The main principle of new economic policy is to spend only within the capabilities and reduce the budget deficit to the minimum. “Today I will introduce you only the fundamental principles of the provision“Strategy Kazakhstan-2050” which will be published fully tomorrow in print. It is volume, it explains everything,”- said the N. Nazarbayev.

According to him, in accordance with the new strategy, for each decade will be made separate plans for implementing seven priority strategies. The first priority is the economic policy of the new course must be all around economic pragmatism based on the principles of profitability, return on investment and competitiveness.

Consistent and predictable foreign policy of the country, this is promotion of national interests and strengthening of regional and global security. In these minutes the President of the country will make a speech with Address “Strategy Kazakhstan-2050”: new political course of the established state,” informed the press service of Akorda. Our priorities remain unchanged – development of partnerships with our neighbors – Russia, China, Central Asian countries, USA, European Union and Asian nations. Speaking today at the new Opera and Ballet Theatre in Astana at the solemn meeting devoted to the Independence Day, Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Republic of Kazakhstan has set mission to conduct a revision of all existing tax preferences. In these minutes the President of the country announced the Address to the people “Strategy Kazakhstan-2050”: new political course of the established state”.  “We must conduct a revision of all existing tax preferences and maximize their efficiency, in the area of Monetary Policy we must ensure the safety of the earnings of each of our citizens and maintain a reasonable inflation level with respect to economic growth. This will be the principal direction of the work of National Bank and the Government starting from 2013,” – said N. Nazarbayev. The President noted that under the first priority of Strategy Kazakhstan-2050, we must to create a favorable tax regime especially in areas of new technologies and industrialization.

Kazakh alphabet will be shifted to the Latin graphic in 2025, and the preparatory work for this must start already from now. In these minutes the President of the country announced the Address to the people “Strategy Kazakhstan-2050” new political course of the established state”.  “We will continue to consistently continue to implement a set of measures for the development of the national language. Now is the time to carry out preparatory work of translation in 2025 Kazakh alphabet to Latin graphic. This will serve not only the development of the language, but also make it into the language of modern information”, - underlined the President.

Our main goal is to enter top 30 most developed countries of the world in 2050. It was reported today by Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan making a speech with Address “Strategy Kazakhstan-2050”: new political course of the established state”. “Half a decade ago, when the “Strategy 2030” was adopted, the first generation of citizens born in our new country was just about to go to school. Today they are already working or graduating from universities. In two to three years we will witness the second generation of Independence.” – said N. Nazarbayev.  Therefore, as mentioned the Head of State in order to set young people in the right direction, it is important for us to start thinking now. According to him, young people are not interested in what once was, them wondered what would happen in their time. “That is why we need to define such a strategy, that we know its advantages,” - concluded N. Nazarbayev. “We need a modernization of the system of managing the state assets. The country must work as a single corporation, and the state must serve as its core. Kazakhstan compared to our neighbors, the far and near, a small country both in terms of economy volume, and the volume as a whole, the countries and population. Therefore, as a corporation, the company operates the farm, every day investing and trying to get their profit, that"s the same as a one corporation, we must learn to govern our country,” - said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan should consider the further industrialization of the country as the main task of the Strategy of Development of Kazakhstan till 2050.

The Head of State noted that we should to implement a fundamentally new system of managing natural resources, to adjust energy policy of the country. “Technological revolution changes the structure of raw materials consumption. For example, the introduction of composite technologies and new types of concrete - causes depreciation of iron ore and coal reserves.” – said N. Nazarbayev.

The President also mentioned that we should expand and develop the program of forced innovative industrialization of development, because the country has no future without a powerful industry that is independent of oil and gas resources. In this regard raise the task of training high qualified personnel for the industry. The Government should develop detailed plan for the next phase of country industrialization and think that it is the main task of new Strategy. The Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev by making speech today call in the specialists not to get involved in translation into Kazakh languages untranslatable and understandable to all international words.”In the terminology there are a lot of questions, such as the ancient Greek words “ museum” and  “archive”, assimilated in many languages of the world, we artificially translate as “myrazhay” and “myragat”, “composer” is now “sazger”, “piano” is translating as “kyisandyk” and these words  are international”, - noted Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

According to the Head of State, if the basis of modern scientific terminology composes the words from Latin language, in the age of development information technology almost daily English language incorporated into the national languages of the world through new words and new concepts so we, Kazakhstani people should not stay away from these processes.

“We should understood that any language developed and enriched by interaction with other languages,” - noted the Leader of the Nation.



14 Dec 2012 | News
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